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Welcome to the future.

Welcome to the Internet of Insurance.

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The Internet of Insurance, powered by DAIS,
is here to upgrade and modernize
one of the most important, foundational
industries in America—insurance.

The internet has changed very aspect of our lives. It’s revolutionized the way we hail taxis, manage the temperature at home and travel the world. But what about insurance?


Our mix of technology and insurance experts have built a bespoke system that follows the entire insurance lifecycle. We are relentlessly focused and driven to solve the biggest pain points for both sides of the equation - the agent and the carrier.

With the Internet of Insurance, independent agents can connect with any carrier—with speed, ease and safety. Agents can rest assured with a platform that delivers human-centered technology, real-time collaboration, better documentation, more transparency and protection against any exposure.

For insurance carriers, we provide a true connection with their agencies, immensely better data and visibility into their results.


Today, the Internet of Insurance is taking hold in 14 states, with 100 agencies, 250+ carriers and more than 1,000 underwriters. We’re adding more connections every week and doing things that have never been done before. All in service of building, modernizing and revolutionizing the world of insurance.

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