6.10.2020 Release Notes

Upgrading Email &

Customer Quote Review

This release is all about emails, we’ve put a lot into making emails function exactly as you’ve asked and we’re proud to release this update. Now, you can reply to emails and the body of the email goes right into the chat for the submission, underwriters can quote or decline right from the email, and you can set your email preferences for what types of emails you want to receive from the Internet of Insurance. 

Alongside email and chat enhancements, we’re adding a brand new quote review page for customers that will help them understand what is happening with their submission and give agents the ability to better serve their customers. 

Login-free Quoting

We’re making it possible for carrier users to quote business without a login for the Internet of Insurance. This is a big step because it means any carrier can now quote business. Underwriters don’t have to change anything about how they work with agents until they’re ready. They can simply respond to emails, send attachments, and request documents all using our email integration. 

When underwriters are ready to see how we’ve built tools that help them supercharge their workday, they can set up an account and take advantage of all the features of the Internet of Insurance. Carrier users simply need to contact our Customer Success team to request a login.

Email and Chat Enhancements

We understand that email is the predominant method of communication for the industry, and with this release, we’re expanding our support and integration with email. Key to this are updates we’ve made to the group chat tool within the Internet of Insurance. Now, email replies and activity will be logged within the chat, so it can function as your primary audit log for all of your accounts.

Included with this feature:
  • Live updates and notifications within collaboration and dashboards

  • Made chat expandable to full width 

  • Added details to submission updates in order to make the messages more informative

  • Attachments from emails are added to the submission files

Email Preferences 

With the above changes, users are going to be receiving more notifications, and to enable them to stay focused on what matters, we’re adding email preference settings. Users can now turn on or off specific types of updates. 

Included with this feature:
  • Added details to the update in order to make the messages more informative

  • Chat widget now distinguishes between who sent the message 

  • Created new notifications types: Submission created, submission closed, underwriter added, email status, underwriter assigned

Next Steps in Submission Emails

In order to make it even easier for carriers to respond and engage with submissions sent through the Internet of Insurance, we’ve added a list of next steps to the submission. Directly from the email, a user can assign a submission to an underwriter, quote a submission, or decline to quote a submission.

Customer Quote Review Page

We’ve redesigned the quote review page so our users will have a better time comparing and selecting quotes. With how quickly we’re adding additional carriers and additional lines to the Internet of Insurance, we created a page that will scale well as we add more lines and additional carriers. 

Now customers can see the quotes that have come in along with the progress of all of the carriers they have submitted to.

Included with this feature:
  • Client selected tag for agency users

  • Requested call column added to leads submission page

  • Quote selected column added to leads submission page

  • Allow users to select multiple LOBs from different carriers

  • Display quotes for all requested lines of business 

Live Chat Support Available in App and on Website

Available for both carriers and agencies, you can now chat directly with our support team right in the app, wherever you’re having trouble. 

Other Changes
  • Added the ability to export the narrative for a client

  • Minor visual updates

  • Text changes to improve uniformity of language usage

  • Updated carrier submission details icons

  • Promote to client location updated 

  • Renamed “Book of Business” to “Accounts”

  • Removed “dashboard” tab for agent view 

  • Carrier dashboard updates live when new submissions come in 

  • Bug fixes

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