6.26.2020 Release Notes

Storefront Export &
Updated Industry Select

We're always working to improve your experience with the Internet of Insurance, and with this release we’re making it easier to market and document accounts. With improved export and industry selection tools, the Internet of Insurance is now simpler for agencies and carriers. 

Storefront Application Export

All the questions and answers provided through the agency storefront or the agency interface are now downloadable as part of the download feature. This means anything and everything is included in when you download all files.

Included with this feature:
  • Agency interface Q&A export 

  • Agency Storefront Q&A export

  • Visual update to applications 

  • Entire application in one file

Updated Industry Selection Tool

We’ve added a new interface to the industry selection tool, which makes it easier for you to find the right industry for your submission and know if the industry you’ve selected is supported for automated quoting. 

Included with this feature:
  • Search by NAICS

  • Search by SIC

  • Search by industry name

  • Support for Automated quotes displayed by industr

Minor Improvements

  • Entire application in one file

  • Avatars added to interface

  • Email improvements

  • Reports improvements

  • Notifications for assigned underwriters

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