7.9.2020 Release Notes

Your platform just got better:
Address Book & Storefront Upgrades

This is an exciting release that’s adding high impact improvements to Storefront lead tracking and email management. Built around your feedback, Address Book gives you the power to easily send your submissions to any contact and streamline your submission process. Referral tracking is another big win with this release, your platform now tracks storefront leads so you can run programs and give credit where it is due.

Platform upgrade summary:
  • Storefront can now track who referred a lead into the platform

  • With Address Book, you can connect with any underwriter

  • More branding upgrades to help you own the customer experience

Attribute storefront leads: now your multiple storefronts can be coordinated together

Did you know that your agency can run multiple storefronts?  You can even have storefronts for individual producers. Now these storefront leads can all go into the Internet of Insurance where you can easily continue the process. This is a powerful feature to help agencies drive growth by empowering producers and tracking the success of its programs.

Included with this upgrade:
  • Added tracking information that retains for 10 months 

  • Location defined leads

  • Producer associated leads 

  • Program associated leads

Address Book

In the last release, your platform rolled out interactive emails.  This allowed your underwriters to work directly from an email without logging into the Internet of Insurance browser. This creates an easy path for any carrier to interact with your platform. 


Now we’re adding the much requested feature: Address Book. You get the same flexibility you’re accustomed to through emails, but it’s custom made for insurance which means This allows you amazing the same flexibility that you would get with any other email service but specifically made for insurance. There are two levels to the Address Book: agency wide and personal. 

Agency Wide Address Book

As an Agency, you need an up-to-date list of the underwriters you work with and your agency wide Address Book gives you that. You can globally add, remove, and hide email addresses, and  have notes that are visible to the whole agency. This is all editable by your agency admin and Address Book manager. 

Personal Address Book

Every agent gets their own address book within the Internet of Insurance, you can add new addresses, take notes that are specific to you, and hide the addresses you’re not interested in. You’ll be able to see the agency level notes and addresses, and customize everything to work for you.

Submission Mailbox Setting

Now you can specify an address as a submission mailbox, this makes it so that address only receives new submissions and doesn’t receive all the notifications that follow, making the carrier experience easier and better. 

Carrier Visibility for Underwriting Assignment

After input from numerous carriers, it is clear that your carriers want to help you keep your underwriters up-to-date. Underwriters get promoted, switch teams, or quit so carriers don’t want to create any friction when these changes occur. We created an admin role for your agency where you can see all your underwriters by carriers so that your carrier partners have a central place to update any changes.

Included with this upgrade:
  • Admin role expanded to include permission for editing the agency level address book 

  • Added new role, address book manager

  • Adding new underwriters as needed

  • Agency and agent notes

  • Inbox icon added

  • Person icon added 

  • Added security due to the ability to delete underwriters

Branding upgrades to help you own the customer experience

Owning the customer experience is critical to policyholder stickiness. You generate a lot of documents in the insurance process, now those documents are branded with the carrier or agency that they should be associated with. This makes it easier to quickly view files and documents and know what they are at a glance.

Minor Improvements

  • New login page

  • Fixed a bug that would log users out unexpectedly

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