8.3.2020 Release Notes

Your platform just got better:

Email improvements, document previews, and increased control for submissions

We’re excited to add high impact improvements based on your feedback with this release, first we’re making some big enhancements to emails, updating their look and feel, and adding new alerts and abilities for agents. We’re also expanding your ability to manage submissions and we’ve snuck in a bonus feature we think you’ll love!

Platform upgrade summary:
  • Agents now have complete control over submissions

  • Quality of life improvements for the submission process

  • Agents can add personal notes to submission emails

  • New look and feel for emails

  • Document notification emails now have the file attached

  • Notification emails for new leads

  • Inline file viewing and interaction

  • Bonus feature: Referral tracking

Complete control for Agents over submissions

We’ve introduced a new feature that saves you time and helps you maintain clean records in your platform. Agents now have complete control over data and record keeping in the Internet of Insurance; you can now control everything about the submission that the underwriters can. 

This feature lets agents update submissions on behalf of their underwriters, from quoting to policy documents. Right under the status, agents can now select to perform actions as the underwriter, these actions are noted in the chat as an update performed by the agent.  

Included with this upgrade:
  • Quoting, declining, and issue policy documents can now be performed by the agent

  • New updates in the chat to indicate that the agent performed an action on behalf of the underwriter

Simplified Quoting process for Agents

Common Lines & Additional Lines

Lines of business are now easier to find on your platform! By dividing the lines into those that are commonly used and seldom used, your typical flow is simpler now. 

Back and continue buttons always present

Scrolling can sometimes be a pain, so we fixed the position of the back and continue buttons to remove that inconvenience.

Download files from chat

When a file gets added into the system by an agent or carrier, the file is included in the update and downloadable from the chat. (the email notifications about new documents now also has the document attached, more on that in a bit)

Simplified quote binding

We improved the quote binding process on your platform to remove some of the complexity and make it easier for you to do. 

Included with this upgrade:
  • When you download the chat history, it now includes file names for all attached documents.  

  • Agents can subscribe and unsubscribe underwriters (as opposed to that action being performed by the underwriter only)

  • Quoting, declining, and issuing policy documents can now be performed by the agent

  • New updates in the chat to indicate that the agent performed an action on behalf of the underwriter

Personal messages in submission emails

Insurance is about relationships, and your platform just got better at supporting your relationships with your underwriters. Now you can choose to include a personal message to your underwriters with your submission emails.

Email attachment and notification improvements

Emails are key to the way insurance gets done and your platform’s emails just got better. We’ve improved the notification emails by adding attachments to the emails about new documents, and agents now receive notifications about new leads that come in through the storefront.

Included with this upgrade:
  • Visual update for emails 

  • Status update grouping

  • Document notification emails now have the file attached

  • Submission emails now have ‘unsubscribe’ option

Inline file viewing and interaction

You have to deal with a lot of documents in insurance, and your platform just made document management a whole lot better. Now you can preview documents simply by clicking on them, and print or download them when you need to.

Included with this upgrade:
  • Previewable documents types 

    • PDF

    • docx

    • xlsx

    • pptx

    • And more 

  • Print capability added 

  • Pagination added for multi-page documents 

Bonus Feature:

Referral tracking opens up new opportunities for agents

Referral tracking is now live for the Internet of Insurance storefronts; opening up the ability to run advanced online campaigns and provide the metrics you need to make those campaigns successful. 

Referral tracking means that for every link or ad an agency puts out there linking to their storefront, the agency can now track not only how many times people click that link, but also how many people complete the application, and get insurance through your agency. Your programs and producers can now get the credit they deserve for pushing business to your storefront. 

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