9.1.2020 Platform Release

Automagic™ Documentation

One of the challenges that agents have been talking to us about is the endless documentation they deal with; grabbing all the info about a given submission in one place so you can be protected from E&O exposures. With today's platform upgrade we’re adding automatic E&O protection for submissions that go through the Internet of Insurance. 

We’re adding a brand new “documents” tab to all accounts and we’re excited about this upgrade because it’s about to make your life so much easier. 

Documentation Tab

On every account in the Internet of Insurance, there’s now a “documentation” tab where you’ll be able to find all the accounts documents; it captures emails, attachments, uploaded documents, and all Internet of Insurance generated files. 

One of the key items of this is that we’ve added a folder structure to document management and added some quick filters so you can easily find the files you’re looking for. 

Document tagging

Documents have 3 types of tags: Carrier tags, LOB tags, and other tags. Carrier tags and LOB tags are generated based on information in the platform. Other tags includes submission reference number, which is generated by the platform, and any custom tags you create. You can filter by any tag, including custom tags you create. 

Document Management

In the documentation tab you’ll find a robust system for managing all the information that comes in. 

Adding folders

Folders are a primary organization tool for documents, you can easily create a new folder within an existing one simply by hovering over the folder and clicking create new folder.

Adding documents

You can either drag and drop files from your desktop into the Internet of Insurance, or use the Add files button to browse the files on your computer and select the ones you would like to upload.

Editing a document

You can easily rename or change the tags of an existing document by hovering over the document and clicking “edit”. From there you can rename, change the tags, or delete the document. 

Deleting documents

Deleting documents is started from the edit document view, from there you can click “move to trash” and the given document will be removed from that folder and sent to the “deleted” tab. 


When you go to the documents tab, you’ll be able to permanently delete documents.

How deleting works

In order maintain the highest level of E&O coverage, once a submission is bound, a user can no longer delete documents from that submission.

Upgraded pizza tracker

In order to add additional transparency into the process for agents, we’ve added two new items to the pizza tracker. 

Recently viewed accounts

Your feedback is constantly making the platform better for you and other agents you like you. We added this simple feature so you can quickly get back the work you were recently engaged in. 

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