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With the Internet of Insurance suite, you’ll be able to digitize your intake process, streamline your marketing, and deepen your connections with carriers and customers. It’s just that easy to become a digital agency.

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Hal Tiffany

DAIS can help agencies in three phases:


  • Storefront.

  • Expediting the Commercial Lines submission process.

  • Landing page including a campaign with Social Media and Affinity groups.


I am extremely excited about the interest and investment DAIS shows in independent agents, including me.


In any event, your help is greatly appreciated!

President of Hal Tiffany Agency, Inc.

Digitize your intake

Enable your customers to start right now

The digital world expects to take action immediately, not to schedule a meeting or make a phone call. We make immediate action possible. Insurance is all about relationships, and this is how you supercharge your customer experience.

Streamline your marketing

Make your marketing  easy as pie

Marketing right now can be hard, we’re making it incredibly easy for you. With your single-entry, multi-carrier marketplace, you can market to all the carriers you care about at once. Your connections to your carriers drive your business, this is how we’re making those connections better. 

Be the connector

See why billions in premium is trusted to the Internet of Insurance

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