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Release Announcements

We’re canceling manual data entry!

By Internet of Insurance on September 18, 2020

Release Announcements

The Internet of Insurance Automagic™ release:
we just automated E&O documentation 

By Internet of Insurance on September 01, 2020

Release Announcement

Discover Platform Version 3.8:
Everybody is on the Internet of Insurance

By Internet of Insurance on August 03, 2020

Insurance Journal

Disrupt Yourself

By Peter van Aartrijk and Jason Kolb on August 03, 2020

Release notes

Your Platform Just got Better: Address Book and Storefront Upgrades

By Internet of Insurance on July 09, 2020

Release notes

Storefront Export And Updated Industry Select

By Internet of Insurance on June 26, 2020

Release notes

Download your submission data and Underwriter Onboarding Improvements

By Internet of Insurance on June 19, 2020

Feature Highlight

Login-free Quoting

By Internet of Insurance on June 10, 2020

Connected Insurance Podcast

Agents in the Driver’s Seat

By Jason Kolb on June 10, 2020

Release notes

Upgrading Emails & Customer Quote Review

By Internet of Insurance on June 10, 2020

Release notes

Builder’s Risk LOB, Google Maps, Streetview, and Copilot Intake

By Internet of Insurance on May 19, 2020

Feature Highlight

Google Data Added to Submissions!

By Internet of Insurance on May 18, 2020


Digital Storefronts Help Independent Insurance Agencies Evolve in Minnesota and Wisconsin in Response to the Pandemic

By Mary Ellen O’Conner on April 14, 2020

Release notes

Storefronts are live, new control panel, and interactive emails!

By Internet of Insurance on April 1, 2020


DAIS Technology Adds CNA to Internet of Insurance Platform

By CNA on April 10, 2020

Insurance Journal

Arrowhead and Internet of Insurance to Help Contracted Agencies Grow

By Newswire on April, 9, 2020


Big I Associations of MN and WI partner with DAIS to provide a small commercial portal for over 1,350 agencies in 90 days to gain efficiencies and fuel growth

By Jason Kolb on Dec. 10, 2019

Built in Chicago

How DAIS Technology Is Shaking Up an Old Industry by Introducing a New Platform

By Courtney Ryan on August 28, 2019

Insurance Journal

Connecting the Dots in Agency Technology

By Andrea Wells on May, 20, 2019

Crain's Chicago Business

Help, finally, for independent insurance agents

By Steve Hendershot on December 13, 2018

WGN Radio

Jason Kolb on the “internet of insurance” and revolutionizing the industry

By Tom Hush on October 3, 2018

Chicago Inno

Former Uptake CTO’s Stealthy Startup Dais Wants to Revolutionize Insurance

By Jim Dallke on August 21, 2018

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