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The Internet of Insurance is our flagship product for connecting agents, carriers, and policyholders. The Internet of Insurance makes it easy for agents to attract new business, sell more coverage, and send submissions for any line of business to any carrier. It makes underwriting easy and provides hooks for carriers to integrate in a variety of ways.


Currently the Internet of Insurance supports all commercial lines, with personal lines coming in the summer of 2020.


All agents, all carriers, all lines of business, in one place.


For Agencies

The Internet of Insurance has two main components for agents and agencies:

The Agency Copilot

An online environment for managing submissions, carriers, and customer data. The Agency Copilot is 100% cloud-based, mobile-friendly, and was designed with our agency council to optimize agency workflows. Real-time transparency to submission status and updates, secure online collaboration with underwriters and policyholders, and audit tools to decrease E&O exposure at every step along the way.

The Agency Storefront

An online digital customer experience that gives every agent the digital customer experience that was previously only available to the very largest agencies because they cost millions of dollars to build. Agents are using the storefront to attract new business as well as maintain a close relationship with existing clients.

For Carriers

The Internet of Insurance was built to seamlessly fit into carrier workflows and processes without disruption. There are several options that can be mixed and matched by carriers to maximize their presence and impact in the digital agency world.


Carrier API integrations

Let carriers maximize the return on their existing rating API investments by connecting them to the entire universe of IOI agencies with a single, easy integration. We’ve worked hard to make integrations super easy, handling everything from underwriting question management to class mappings and more. This is a great option for carriers who have already made the investment to make automated rating available via APIs.

The PDF Interchange

Allows carriers to leverage their existing investments into OCR automation technology to participate in the online quoting arena. Get submissions in ACORD or custom application formats and seamlessly return quotes to agents in the way they’re being generated today. The PDF Interchange is a great option for carriers who have adopted OCR automation and want to grow without major core system investments.

Interactive Emails

Are a brand new technology that allow carriers to receive submissions in emails that can flow through a policy system and provide much of the same rich functionality that is available in the Underwriter Copilot. This is a great option for carriers who have email-based workflows but want to enjoy the benefits of modern distribution without waiting for major core system upgrades.

Internet of Insurance APIs

Are a standard set of APIs that carriers can use to participate in quoting automation without any APIs of their own. We make developer-friendly APIs available for developers to get submissions and post quotes in whatever format the carrier prefers. This is a great option for carriers who have internal development resources but are currently blocked from participating in automated quoting because of waiting on major core system upgrade projects.

The Underwriter Copilot

 is the cloud tool that underwriters have been waiting for. Designed with our Underwriter Council of 15 different companies, the Underwriter Copilot gives underwriters unparalleled visibility into submission status at the agency, triage tools, workload balancing, real-time collaboration, and more. The Underwriter Copilot is being embraced by carriers who want to give their underwriters an unfair advantage, and its functionality is available via API for carriers who want to integrate the technology into an existing underwriter workbench.

DAIS Products

The Internet of Insurance is built on the DAIS platform. DAIS has other products available that are built on the same platform.


Hosted rating and instant quoting APIs

Perfect for carriers who want to participate in online distribution but are currently held back by aging core systems that were built for a pre-Internet environment. An industrial-grade engine built for the Internet age that returns quotes in an average of 200 milliseconds, compared to an average of 10 seconds for national carrier APIs. Supports multi-peril rating, appetite enforcement, agency appointment management, and everything a carrier needs to participate in online distribution. Works out-of-the-box with the Internet of Insurance and can easily integrate with other online distribution systems.

ClaimsHub customer experience

Includes everything you need to give your customers a wonderful claims experience in their time of need. Increase policyholder satisfaction and retention, and upsell after great claims experiences. It easily bolts on top of an existing claims engine with minimal integration effort and provides status tracking, notifications, adjuster workflow, and more.

FirstStack PDF Interchange

Directly harness the engine underlying the IOI PDF Interchange using this microservice. Turn PDF documents into data in real-time, and easily add new forms as they’re encountered. Loss runs, quotes, policies, and more are quickly turned from static documents into easy-to-consume data in a completely self-service and developer-friendly way.

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